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Consultancy for Multilateral Agencies and governments on solar energy deployment
STA has helped Development Agencies and Governments in assessing energy programs designed to foster Sustainable development in Emerging Countries with Solar energy as the main point of focus.

STA has analyzed: the potential impact on the country and the restrictions and barriers related to solar energy deployment including local manufacturing. STA has proposed concrete actions targeted to the different stakeholders.

Source: World Bank

We help bridge the gap that often exists between setting up ambitious Renewable Targets and being able to implement them in a feasible way that makes countries more competitive by improving their generation mix and increasing their skill level at industrial and educational levels.

Particular emphasis is put on the evaluation of economic benefits for the receiving country as well as the assessment of long term implications and requirements.

Work is performed at all levels of the development chain:

Roadmaps and master plans for the development of solar energy for government agencies.
Regulatory assessment.
Technology transfer.
Operation and Maintenance of new demonstration plants and testing centers.
Training of involved stakeholders in solar energy technology, development and management.
Feasibility studies to suggest most effective actions.
Assistance in RFI and RFP preparation for projects.
Owner's Engineering Services.

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