Technology development


STA has broad technical capabilities both in Thermosolar and Photovoltaic solar power that evolve from the expertise gathered by the Plataforma Solar de Almería.

As such STA has access to a wealth of knowledge from the accumulated experience of 30 years of testing very diverse technologies, such as parabolic trough fields, central tower Receivers, Stirling Dishes advanced Photovoltaics and tracking systems.

Client Solutions

This technical know-how is used on everyday operations such as feasibility studies and technical due diligence but the one thing that sets STA apart from a standard consultant is its ability to develop practical technology solutions and partner with Clients that want to become more competitive to achieve their business goals.
STA develops comprehensive technology applications that can involve both Process and Product design. We cover the entire process:

Support on technology adaptation to local needs

Market analysis

Conceptual design

Manufacturing specifications

Prototype fabrication



STA teams up with the client to identify markets and to create competitive advantages.