Solar Power Development in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is going through a rapid development process with remarkably high yearly GDP growth rates. Solar energy can bring multiple benefits by providing fast deployment of needed generation capacity in a way that makes use of a free local resource such as solar radiation.

Competitiveness Assessment of MENA countries to Develop a Local Solar Industry

The WB and the Governments of the MENA countries want to make sure that Solar investments in their countries will bolster their industry and its capability to supply a significant percentage of needed supplies. STA helps by developing an assessment, identifying strategic challenges and providing detailed recommendations on how to develop a local solar industry.


Atacama desert in the North of Chile is one of the places in the world with highest solar irradiation and it hosts an industry, mining, which is highly intensive in Energy.
The Inter American Development Bank selected STA to support the Chilean Government’s effort to enable large scale development of solar energy.


Electrobras is the largest Brazilian utility and to start its solar program requested STA to design a pilot plant to gather experience and know-how.
STA supported Electrobras on deciding the technology and size of the power plant and fully completed both conceptual and basic designs.


The project’s scope of work consists of a 1 MW solar thermal power plant located in Yanqing County, Beijing, China.
It consists of 10,000 square metres collector field, 100 metres tower, 8 MW thermal power receiver, 1 MW steam turbine, and the storage system capacity allows 1-hour full load operation. The main purpose of the tower plant is for the experiment. So the more flexible function is asked for the plant system. The purpose of the work is to study the technologies liking system layout design method and performance simulation. The geographer between each heliostat is related to the optical performance and the ratio of shaded ground, considering the plant grow during early of March to the end of September yearly. DAHAN includes an 8 MW thermal power superheating steam receiver, synthetic oil for high-temperature thermal storage and saturated steam for lower temperature storage.


FCC, one of the leading Construction & Infrastructure Services Groups in Spain, approached STA to seek assistance in building their first Solar Thermal plant to be built in Palma del Río, Spain.
They had recently acquired the project from a developer and required help to ensure its feasibility and bring it to reality by engaging an EPC contractor.
Time was crucial because of the pre-registry system that demanded the plant to come into operation before the end of the year 2012. The contract was assigned in April 2010.

Desalinization from solar and wind energy in Fuerteventura

The objective of this project is to develop a stand-alone system or a system with low influence on the electric grid to produce water using solar and wind energy from seawater.
STA took care of PV, storage and control strategy development.
Also, improving water efficiency innovating in the production of ice from seawater instead of fresh water, which is crucial in arid areas such as Fuerteventura.
This project has been partially financed by Invest in Spain.

Green Fish Project

Fisheries are fishermen associations dedicated to extractive fishing, fish processing, and distribution. Energy consumption to maintain the fish cod for storage and distribution is a relevant part of their cost structure. Usually, most of the electrical energy consumed is dedicated to the production of cold in different states, as ice making, low temperature for maintenance of cold storage and cooling for air-conditioning. Customarily, freshwater is used for ice making.