About the project

  • Date: 2012
  • Client: Chinese Academy of Science
The project's scope of work consists of a 1 MW solar thermal power plant located in Yanqing County, Beijing, China. It consists of 10,000 square metres collector field, 100 metres tower, 8 MW thermal power receiver, 1 MW steam turbine, and the storage system capacity allows 1-hour full load operation. The main purpose of the tower plant is for the experiment. So the more flexible function is asked for the plant system. The purpose of the work is to study the technologies liking system layout design method and performance simulation. The geographer between each heliostat is related to the optical performance and the ratio of shaded ground, considering the plant grow during early of March to the end of September yearly. DAHAN includes an 8 MW thermal power superheating steam receiver, synthetic oil for high-temperature thermal storage and saturated steam for lower temperature storage.


Technical Assistance on design, construction and safety

Benefits of Project

Dahan Solar Tower plant is the first one to be built in China by Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The Chinese Government was interested in experimenting with solar thermal electricity and decided to build a pilot plant near Beijing in order to gain hands-on experience on the technology.

The fact that STA inherits the know-how from the PSA in Spain made it a natural choice to be selected for this project.

Work carried out

STA carried out the following works:

  • Technical Report of Review Design.
  • Test Plan for Receiver.
  • Test Plan for Thermal Storage.
  • 'O&M' Manual.
  • Technical Report on Safety Procedures.

Technical Report on Protection at High Temperatures.