We help Developers during all stages of Project Development beginning with the review each of the primary project documents to confirm the project's commercial and technical viability and then follow up till Commercial Operation is achieved. We cover both Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic technologies and will provide:

Support during the permitting phase

Support during the permitting phase

Pre-EPC / EPCm Plant Design

Detailed Package Scope and Estimate

Drafting and evaluation of Request for Proposals

Construction contract review

Drafting of special testing procedures as required by Lenders

Our Approach


Project Control

Once the contract is signed STA implements a control structure to track the development and execution of project tasks within the proposed scope. We utilize effective project control techniques, standardized reporting and communications, and experienced project management, engineering, and design personnel. Our teams focus on providing practical solutions, cost containment, schedule adherence, and quality deliverables.


It is of key importance to make sure that the facility complies with the as-built records and is built to accepted industry standards. Whatever is missing the contractual scope or is incorrectly done will be recorded and signaled out as pending items to the EPC contractor.

Plant Commissioning-Performance

STA insures that a complete test is be carried out to check electrical output and verify plant's ability to match the financial base case and make use of contractual remedies in case it doesn't. STA can assist by providing experienced professionals to agree on testing procedures, witness actual tests and report results in a standard format that will insure a continued performance during Commercial Operation.